Terms and Conditions

Workshop Terms and Conditions

Important information regarding the terms under which your equipment is accepted by The Computer Shop:
1. Prices are subject to change without notice. See Document “Workshop Rates” for our latest labour rates.

Abandoned repairs
2. Your repair is considered abandoned if after being contacted you fail to collect and/or pay for any work carried out within 2 weeks.
3. Abandoned repairs will be disposed of after day 28 and a £45 disposal fee will be applied.

Unsuccessful repairs
5. While we endeavour to ensure that every effort will be made to repair all devices, we cannot guarantee a 100% successful repair rate due to circumstances beyond our control including age of device, severity of failure or physical damage. Therefore we accept no responsibility or liability for any unsuccessful repairs.

Warranty Seals
6. Please be aware that in order for us to repair your item we may need to open the device. This will destroy the warranty seal.
7. In most cases our customers are using our services because their devices are out of manufacturer warranty. But in some cases customers choose our repair service in preference to using the valid manufacturer’s warranty service. In all cases we will need to break the manufacturer’s warranty seal which will invalidate any manufacturer’s warranty.

Software & Data Responsibility
8. Sometimes in order to facilitate a repair Software will need to be removed/reinstalled. We accept no responsibility for customers who have lost their discs/licences or otherwise cannot supply legal copies of their software for reinstallation.
9. Your Data is your responsibility – we cannot accept responsibility for permanent or temporary loss of data as a result of work carried out on your computer system/laptop/server/console – you must ensure you have an up to date backup before work is commenced.

Warranty & Guarantee
10. All labour/service is guaranteed for 30 days. New hardware is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months. Second user/refurb hardware is guaranteed for 30 days.*
11. Any repairs under warranty will not be charged for labour. Accidental damage or misuse is not covered under our warranty.

* – There are items which are not covered by this type of warranty, this is due to them being directly affected by how the customer users the unit (e.g. Batteries, Chargers, etc.).

By leaving your equipment with us for repair you are accepting these Terms and Conditions and that the following statement is true:
I understand that there is a minimum labour/inspection fee of £25 which is payable regardless of whether work is completed or not. I also accept that my equipment will be disposed of/recycled if I do not collect within 2 weeks of completion and that I agree to all charges made in this respect.

To check the status of your repair please go to www.computershopcolwynbay.co.uk and click on repair status.